Cranberries Rake In €1 Million in 2002

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According to a report posted today on Showbiz Ireland (that is, if you can forgive them after their last tabloid outing — and no, Dolores isn’t leaving, if you haven’t read), The Cranberries collected an income of about €1 million (roughly $1 million US) last year, which breaks down to roughly €250,000 (roughly $250,000 US) for each member. However, Dolores and Noel would get a larger share of that amount, since they share songwriting duties.

It can’t be helped but to mention that band members in the past have usually scoffed at such estimations, although rarely denying their validity. During an interview in 2000, after Q Magazine estimated that the band have made roughly £60 million ($90 million US) during their careers, one interviewer asked Noel and Fergal, “Why aren’t you living like millionaires?” Noel jokingly responded, “If it was true we would!” Then, after a break for laughing, “I don’t know where they get these figures from — they’re too fuzzy.” It was even estimated several years back that Dolores was the 5th richest woman in the British Isles, again a report that the singer downplayed.

Compare the Crans’ quarter of a million in 2002 to U2’s €8 million each, €1 million apiece for Westlife, and a whopping €36 million for Enya, whose most recent success is her involvement in the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

So don’t take it as gospel truth, but it’s an interesting bit none the less. I’m glad I’m not the one having to pay those taxes.

Source: Showbiz Ireland

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