A New Year = A New Tour

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The Cranberries want fans to know that they “feel great” and “excited about the new year”. Already, Dolores and Noel have recorded new material for album six; and in 2003, the band will be supporting well-established rockers, The Rolling Stones, for a number of shows throughout Europe.

The two confirmed live performances with The Rolling Stones in Munich, Germany for June 4th and June 6th have already sold out. Dolores told RTE Radio “it’s an honor to be able to open up for such a legendary band, life is good”. Dolores told RTE earlier this week that there were five confirmed tour dates, which leave three left to be announced

Life is good indeed because 2003 will also mean more opportunities for fans to see The Cranberries live on-stage at various festival shows throughout Europe; and later in the year, the band will tour Asia and the Americas. Part of the US tour may even partner The Cranberries with US radio-favorites, Matchbox 20.

Currently, specific dates and venues for the 2003 tour, other than the two confirmed shows in Germany, await official confirmation; but you can count on finding all the details right here on Zombieguide as they become available. So start ironing those Cranberries t-shirts because this year may be the year you find yourself singing along from the front row!

Source: Cranberries Official Site

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