Got Room For Another Compilation CD?

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Think you’d never see the day when The Cranberries and Lionel Richie would share billing on the same CD? The soundtrack for SABOR DA PAIXÃO (“The Flavor of Passion”), a Brazilian soap opera, has brought them together along with a number of various artists for a compilation soundtrack available online. Now, whether you’re in the mood for a little Enrique Iglesias or Dolores and company, Sabor da Paixão Internacional , can satisfy your craving for The Flavor of Passion. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Help Me – Nick Carter
2. Goodbye – Lionel Richie
3. My Love – Fab
4. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
5. Stars – The Cranberries
6. Undeniable – Paulina Rubio
7. Don’t Ask – Rick Astley
8. Alone Again – Craig Mc Clean
9. Quizás – Enrique Iglesias
10. En el Muelle de San Blas – Mana
11. The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling) – Atomic Kitten
12. Barenaked – Jennifer Love Hewitt
13. Heaven – Giselle Haller
14. Sex Baby – Kasino

Select song clips can be downloaded and the soundtrack can be purchased online at

Thanks to Sigma from Zombieguide Mexico and Jordan for the tips.

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