Cranberries on MTVLA Weekend Wrapup

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What do Cranberries fans have to say about The Cranberries’ presence on MTV Latin America over the last several days? It’s been good… but it could have been better. On one hand, Latin American fans of The Cranberries enjoyed an hour-long video homage to the band with The Cranberries edition of “Videologia.” On the other hand, Dolores was not included on MTV Latin America’s “MTV 10 Years: Top 20 Women Weekend.”

On May 14th, MTV Latin America featured a full hour (double the half-hour length reported earlier) of The Cranberries, featuring ten of the band’s most popular music videos. Included in the batch, were “Stars”, “Promises”, “Animal Instinct”, “Salvation”, “Zombie”, “Dreams”, “Ridiculous Thoughts”, “Ode To My Family”, “Linger” and “Just My Imagination”. In addition to the viewing the videos, fans had the opportunity to submit their own personal comments about each. Aired comments from hosts included admiration for Dolores’s “70’s look” in the “Animal Instinct” video, the notion that Dolores looks like “a crucified Cleopatra” in the “Zombie” video, and a generalized comment denoting the band’s accomplishment with album sales throughout the years.

All in all, not bad. Fans were, however disappointed with MTV Latin America’s omission of Dolores O’Riordan during the station’s “MTV 10 Years: 20 Women of Rock Weekend”. Female artists highlighted were, among others, Jewel, Bj√∂rk, and Celine Dion. Though Dolores was nominated for the special, she was not included in the final 20. The Cranberries, were however, mentioned between the countdown, and aired as an extra clip with the music video for “Zombie”.

Thanks to Cranberrygirl and Sigma of ZG Mexico for the news.

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