Official Press Release Reveals Summer Plans

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The Cranberries 2003 Tour with the Rolling Stones isn’t just a big deal; it’s big news. So through a press release issued yesterday from The Cranberries’ promoter, the band is getting the word out on their enthusiasm for the upcoming gigs.

Sounding a bit like a commercial message for the tour, Dolores commented: “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to go the distance with Rock’s finest troubadours, as they take their record-breaking world tour across Europe this year.”

According to the press release, the performances that The Cranberries will share with The Rolling Stones will primarily be comprised of the band’s best-known material. So throughout Germany and Italy, The Cranberries will be performing their hits to audiences of over sixty thousand rock ‘n roll fans. The first show of The Cranberries 2003 Tour with The Rolling Stones happens June 4th in Munich, Germany.

In addition to The Cranberries appearances with The Rolling Stones, the band will also be making a few solo stops throughout Europe, and a special show in Killarney, Ireland with fellow 1990’s “alternative music” pioneers, Counting Crows.

Perhaps most newsworthy for Cranberries fans, was the press release’s mention of the band’s off-tour plans this summer. According to the press release, The Cranberries will spend the remainder of the summer recording and working on “various” projects for release in 2004. Perhaps the next year will hold even more new material than the anticipated sixth album, slated for release in early 2004.

To read The Cranberries press release in its entirety, visit The Cranberries Official Web Site

Source: The Cranberries Official Web Site

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