Two New Songs at Belfast: “Astral Projection” and “In It T ogether”!

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Earlier tonight, The Cranberries kicked off their nine-date 2003 European tour in Belfast, Ireland. Those lucky enough to attend got to hear the premiere of two brand-new Cranberries titles: “Astral Projection” and “In It Together.”

Patrick Hann tells us, “The concert started off on the Wake Up and Smell the Coffee intro, then the lost classic Analyse. The monster song Zombie was next which Dolores reminded us that it was about us and written for us. The usual classics followed including Linger, Salvation, Hollywood and Free to Decide. Every song on the Best Of album was performed including blow away performances of New New York and Stars. Promises literally blow me away being next to the speakers.”

After some recognizable opening tracks, The Cranberries broke into their newest material, “Two new songs were performed. The first was Astral Projection, a dreamy rock song which could be catchy. The other new song had only been finished today, it is called In It Together and is a very feel good song creating the same type of atmosphere as Stars — colourful. The show ended with a rocking performance of Dreams and Dolores saying she would see us next year (glad it won’t be another 7). Overall the band look really well, Dolores sporting the 1990s DM boots with the dress bringing back memories of the first album and the lads looking ready to seriously entertain this summer. I’m so glad they came and kicked off our summer with such a bang.”

Below are some photos that Patrick managed to snap during the concert.

Did you get to attend the Belfast show, or will you be attending one of the ones coming up soon? We at Zombieguide want your concert photos and impressions — especially your impressions of the new songs — MP3’s, setlists, merchandise/memorabilia scans, and pretty much anything related to the upcoming set of gigs. Send in your submissions here!

Huge thanks to Patrick Mann for the info and photos!

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