Update: “7 Years” Song and Compilation Not Related

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Despite the coincidence of having two Cranberries releases with the name “7 Years,” both going unreleased, our official source has confirmed to us that it is exactly that — a coincidence. Our source confirmed to us yesterday that the unreleased 1998 Japanese “greatest hits” compilation and the unreleased 2001 “Wake Up” B-side are not connected in any way, other than sharing the same title.

“7 Years” was the final incarnation chosen for a Japanese greatest hits compilation that some fans will probably know better by its tentative title, “Odd Bits and Hits: Best & Rare.” The collection, which was to feature both singles and rarities, was to be released on June 22, 1998, originally for Japan only. Our source told us, “The ‘Odd Bits’ compilation became ‘7 years’ which was supposed to be a Japan only compilation but was rejected because Polygram wanted it to be a worldwide release of Greatest Hits, so it was pulled. Neither was released yet both were announced locally.”

The Russian bootlegged “Odd Bits and Hits,” which had essentially nothing to do with the aborted Japanese release, other than a stolen title

So neither “7 Years” nor “Odd Bits and Hits” made it to stores — but that still didn’t stop the underground music market from exploiting the titles. A Russian bootleg manufacturer put out a so-called “Odd Bits and Hits” not long after the cancellation of the Japanese release, no doubt hoping to score some name recognition from hardcore fans. The CD contains some easily- obtainable album tracks and B-sides, such as “So Cold in Ireland.” So beware — if you ever see a copy of “Odd Bits” for sale, this is most likely what you will be buying.

As for the song “7 Years,” it was an entirely new piece the band conceived while recording “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.” “‘Seven Years’ the song was a new composition written during the WUASTC sessions,” the band’s representative told us. (The Japanese compilation was not named after the song, as we had suspected.) Also, we’ve learned that the song was written by Dolores only, not by Dolores and Noel as we had previously reported.

Stay tuned to Zombieguide for more Cranberries news, as the 2003 European Tour kicks off today!

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