Dolores on Astral Projections…

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The term “astral projection” (also known as an “out-of-body experience”) isn’t one that you typically hear every day. Astute Cranberries fans may know that it’s not the first time we’ve ever heard the term related to the band. Dolores talked about her own astral projections in Part 2 of the “The Band” interviews on the first release of the Beneath the Skin DVD. (Thanks to Insider27 for the tip!)

“There are certain times in the gig where I will just forget about what I’m doing and I forget that I’m the singer for a minute. It’s not really good because you’re like, ‘Oh God, what’s the lyrics?,’ you know? But sometimes I’ll just try an astral projection-type thing? [giggle] I’ll try to leave my body and try to look at it from the outside looking in, you know? And it’s pretty weird, sometimes it’s like, ‘Is this really happening?’ But then you flick back in — [mimicking ‘Linger’] ‘Do you have to…?’ Usually you’re singing and you’re playing, so you don’t really get too much time to take it in. But I guess that’s why it’s nice to make videos, because you get to look at it and say, ‘Wow! That was cool! Were we really there?'”

Will the new song have anything to do with this experience? Perhaps not, but it’s certainly good background information while we wait on more news coming out of the band’s current European tour. Stay tuned to Zombieguide for more…

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