Fergal Makes Appearance as Guest Drummer for Headgear

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Although The Cranberries have spent the past few months writing and recording, it appears that not all of the the band members’ energies have been spent on The Cranberries. Fergal, at least, spent some time a month ago drumming for the Limerick-based band Headgear.

According to an article on Hot Press, Fergal played as special guest for Headgear’s April 23rd gig. Headgear currently consists of only one permanent member, singer, guitarist, and trumpeter extraoidinaire Daragh Dukes. Dukes currently collaborates with several other musicians for his live set, with people filling in parts for vocals, samples, clairinet and percussion. According to Hot Press, Dukes and Lawler are “old mates” and that Fergal did the gig as a favor to his old friend.

For more about Headgear or to listen to an MP3 sample of Dukes’s work, go here. (LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE). We’ll have more details from Hot Press on the event as soon as we can get them (which may be a few weeks — if you are subscribed to Hot Press Online and can get the article for us, please let us know!!).

Source: Hot Press

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