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The Cranberries Summer Tour in support of The Rolling Stones is, thus far, going “fantastically”! That’s what the band is saying about the shows performed so far in Belfast, London and in Munich. In a big news update posted today on The Cranberries Official Site, the band reveals that “Astral Projection” and “In It Together”, the two new songs being performed at shows throughout this tour, was co-written by Dolores and Noel. In briefly noting these two new songs, the Official site provides a link for downloading a low quality, massive file size, fan-made video of “Astral Projection” from the French site Pretty Eyes.

And here’s a new name to note: Paul Russell. He’s a producer at RTE Radio in Dublin, Ireland. According to The Cranberries Official site, Dolores is collaborating with RTE producer Paul Russell to write her biography. The Official site does say that Russell is in the process of “rummaging through the Cranberries’ archives” to find information of interest to fans of The Cranberries.

Paul Russell’s autobiography is expected to be available some time in 2004. And as Zombieguide delves further into the life of Paul Russell and his Cranberries connection, we’ll bring you more details.

RTE Radio’s Paul Russell

Another project in which Dolores will be participating, is a studio collaboration with “Italian recording legend”, Zucchero. Word from the band’s Official site is that Dolores will be participating in a Zuccero “Duets” album, covering a song worthy of being known as a “rock classic”. Dolores will be among friends, as the project is also planning to include duets with Bono, Sting, Andrea Bocelli, and Pavarotti.

You can learn more about Zuccero’s blues-infused music by visiting his official web site at The site is available for viewing in both Italian and English languages.

In addition to the Official site’s ‘News’ update, the site has also posted new Fan Reviews of some of the shows performed this summer, while encouraging concert-goers to keep submitting input and opinions.

To read more, visit The Cranberries’ Official site.

Source: The Cranberries Official Web Site

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