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Zombieguide has dug up some more details concerning how and why The Cranberries’ own Fergal Lawler decided to do some guest drumming for Limerick-based band Headgear back in April.

We reported that Fergal had done the gig as a the return of a favor, although for what, we did not know at the time. We now know that Darragh Dukes was once a member of the band known as They Do It with Mirrors — which should sound very familiar to the hardcore Cranberries fan. They Do It with Mirrors was one of the first bands that The Cranberry Saw Us opened for, and now Fergal has paid back the favor, some 12 years later.

According to Hot Press, most who attended the April 23rd gig at Dublin’s The Village didn’t even know The Cranberries’ drummer was present. Fergal walked onto the stage unannounced halfway through the concert, walking to the back of the stage and hiding behind a an oversized drum kit while playing the remainder of the set.

The gig was attended by several A&R scouts, including Warners, Polydor and Sony. Hope they weren’t scouting the drummer!

Thanks to Jessica van Kessel for getting the info for us!

Source: Hot Press

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