Fergal Puts a Cap on Summer Tour

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An update on The Cranberries’ Official Site yesterday included a letter from Fergal, reflecting on the band’s tour with The Rolling Stones. With an entourage the size of a small town, The Rolling Stones’ backstage and production crew left Fergal feeling “awe inspired.”

“We have never been on a tour the size of the ‘Stones one and it was seriously exciting and at times, awe inspiring even! The stage and the behind-the-scenes production were an incredible sight to behold,'” Fergal stated.

And excited to mention his personal meeting with the ‘Stones and AC/DC, Fergal commented that despite his “star-struck” feeling in the presence of the legendary rockers, everyone treated The Cranberries “really well”. Fergal notes that Dolores and AC/DC singer, Brian Johnson, got along especially well… perhaps even well enough to work together in the future.

According to Fergal, The Cranberries are now preparing for their upcoming outdoor festival in Killarney that includes the Counting Crows. Fergal mentions high expectations for a laid-back experience, since the band has toured with Counting Crows in the past. With shows on their home-soil of Ireland, The Cranberries are preparing to perform among family and friends, and for the familial festivities sure to follow.

Though The Cranberries stint with The Rolling Stones has come to an end, Fergal reveals that excitement amongst the band is still raging on. Since the Killarney show will be the last live show of the year for The Cranberries, the band is eager to make the most of their time on stage.

Following the band’s holiday in July, Fergal’s letter states that The Cranberries will be returning to the studio to continue work on the sixth album for the remainder of 2003.

To read all about it, in Fergal’s own words, visit The Cranberries Official Web Site to check out yesterday’s update, including more fan reviews of the live European shows.

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