Paul Russell: Cranberries Meet Rolling Stones, AC/DC

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Weeks ago, The Cranberries Official Website relayed that Dolores has been collaborating with RTE producer Paul Russell on an upcoming autobiography. Due to some ambiguous wording, we weren’t sure what to make of it, but we now know definitively: Paul Russell is writing Dolores O’Riordan’s official biography.

Russell has been travelling with The Cranberries throughout their summer tour and took some time to check in with Irish music mag, Hot Press. In an article published two weeks ago, he describes how touring mates The Rolling Stones and AC/DC have been getting along with The Cranberries — with some humorous anecdotes.

The Rolling Stones stopped into The Cranberries’ dressing room on opening night, June 4th, and Russell was lucky enough to witness the exchange.

“Mick [Jagger], needless to say, made an immediate beeline for Dolores while the others talked to the lads,” Russell writes. “Charlie Watts was a bit quiet, but everybody else was in flying form. Needless to say, the Cranberries floated on stage to play their set which lasted 45 minutes and got a good percentage of the 17,000-crowd up on their feet.”

As well as the Crans hit it off with the Stones, it seems to be not nearly as well as they got along with AC/DC, as Fergal wrote days ago.

Russell reports, “I was in the Thai restaurant where Liam Gallagher had his teeth kicked in, and saw Dolores singing a song from a musical with Brian Johnson of AC/DC, who then told some of the rudest stories I’ve ever heard! They’re also on the bill for three of the Stones’ German shows, so it was a good getting-to-know-you session.”

Paul Russell and Dolores O’Riordan’s co-written autobiography is due to be published sometime next year. We can expect to hear more from Russell over the next few months.

Thanks to Jessica van Kessel for fetching us the info!

Source: Hot Press

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