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An update to the “shopping” section of the Official Storm Thorgerson Website makes a new item available for purchase: A set of 16 Thorgerson art postcards, two of which were designed for the covers of Cranberries releases. The two Cranberries-related pieces in the set are the covers to the “You and Me” single (2000) and the “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” international album cover (2001). The cards come housed in a custom hardback case. If you’re interested, the set will set you back £10.00, or about $16 US, not including shipping.

Set of 16 Thorgerson postcards

If postcards that you’ll likely never actually use don’t suit your fancy, there are other previously-available Cranberries-related items in the shop. One item is a 2002 silkscreen reprint of the “Bury the Hatchet” cover art, part of “The Bodies Series.” (The BTH artwork had also been issued as a lithograph in 1999, limited to 800 copies.) According to the site:


Set of six fine art limited edition silkscreen (serigraph) prints. Printed on 410gsm Somerset Tub Sized paper. Print size 33″ x 25.5″, image size approximately 19″ x 19″. Edition of 125 only. Printed by Brad Faine at Coriander from original artwork. Signed, titled and numbered by Storm Thorgerson.

The BTH print will set you back a measly £300.00, or about $490 US, not including shipping of course.

Lastly is Thorgerson’s 1999 book entited “The Eye of the Storm.” The book includes four pages dedicated to The Cranberries, and luckily enough, the sample picture shows the double-page spread for “Bury the Hatchet.” The books are autographed and are priced at £20.00, or $33 US each.

“The Eye of the Storm” book, featuring 4 pages on The Crans

The Official Storm Thorgerson Website itself has lots of interesting production notes on his work with The Cranberries, which alone makes the site worth a visit. Just choose “Sort by Artist” and then scroll to “T” for “The Cranberries.” (A librarian would have a fit for indexing by a demonstrative article, but hey, this is art, its supposed to break the rules.)

Happy artful shopping!

Source: Official Storm Thorgerson Website

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