Dolores and AC/DC Collaboration Revealed!

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Dolores O’Riordan’s biographer Paul Russell reported weeks ago that he had spotted “Dolores singing a song from a musical with Brian Johnson of AC/DC” in a restaurant. Foreshadowing comes from the strangest places.

Although a less ambiguous instance was when Fergal Lawler noted last month that Dolores and Brian were considering the idea of working together.

Irish magazine Hot Press reported Thursday that Dolores is collaborating with AC/DC singer Brian Johnson on a project related to “Helen of Troy,” a musical that Johnson has been working on for nearly seven years.

“Helen of Troy” is a humorous “‘Les Miserables’-style musical with rousing anthems, tender ballads and minimal dialogue.” The project has been Johnson’s dream for several years, finally deciding to put the songs together with British composer Brian Healy. Johnson was inspired to create the musical after seeing “Cats” several years ago. “I couldn’t wait to leave,” he said. “It was puerile drivel. That’s when I started thinking I may as well try to write a show. Then I went to see ‘Grease’ in New York, and it was friggin’ drivel, too. That spurred me on more.”

The $1.2 million dollar production was originally to debut in March 2003 at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota, Florida. However, the show has been pushed back to a November 2003 debut. If all goes well, the musical may tour nationally. For much more on “Helen of Troy,” check out the page dedicated to it at the excellent AC/DC fansite Crabsody in Blue.

But the headline to Hot Press’s news story is this: “Dolores Readies Solo Album.” All we can say is, let’s hope they’re right this time: Hot Press stirred up some nasty rumors late last year when Dolores expressed that she wasconsidering doing a side project apart from the band. We now know that she recorded several songs this past spring by herself. Additonally, Matthew Vaugahn’s section of The Smoothside Organization’s website refers to Dolores as a “solo artiste.” All of this would certainly support Hot Press’s headline.

We should know exactly what is up with the purported “solo album” and the nature of Dolores’s Brian Johnson collaboration as soon as we can get our hands on the full Hot Press article — which will be very soon. Keep it tuned here!

Sources: Hot Press, Crabsody in Blue

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