Crans’ Music in Australian Daffodil Day TV Ads

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The Australian Cancer Council has designated August 22nd as the national Daffodil Day for 2003. The council, who run national public service announcements throughout the year, are dedicated to rasing funds and awareness to the various types of cancer that afflict Australians.

This year, the council has chosen two Cranberries songs to accompany the national TV announcements. The titles chosen are “Dreaming My Dreams,” and, of course, “Daffodil Lament.” Both songs run for approximately 15 seconds each in the background of the current 30 second TV spots. Another TV announcement features the song “Ode to My Family.” The campaign encourages Australians to purchase a paper daffodil for $5.00 AU, which will be used to fund research. The TV spots will run for approximately one month. Last year, the Council used Coldplay’s sublime “Yellow” as the background music.

One such “Daffodil Day” TV public announcement
For more on the Cancer Council Australia, go here, or click here for the Official Australian Daffodil Day website. (LINKS NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

In 2001, The Cranberries lent their support to the Irish Daffodil Day bydonating an autographed lithograph for auction. However, that auction was organized by The Irish Cancer Society, not The Cancer Council Australia.

Thanks to Bruce Miller for the news.

Partial Source: Cancer Council Australia

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