Hot Press Denies Rumors Once More

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Yesterday, Hot Press posted a clairification of their recent interview with Dolores, once again reiterating that The Cranberries are by no means in danger of splitting up. The article seems to be in direct response to a falsified news story printed by Irish tabloid “The Star”, which distorted Dolores’s current solo tracks into a story about the band breaking up.

Hot Press quotes an official representative as saying, “The situation is exactly as you reported… The rumours of a band crisis are simply untrue.” The rest of the article quotes liberally from the most recent update on the Official Page.

The entire scenario seems eerily reminiscent of this past December, when wild rumors started by a Hot Press story of a possible solo side project got out of hand. Hot Press editor Niall Stokes had to deny such rumors in a written statement on Hot Press’s website.

Surprisingly, since Hot Press’s last story, the news of a possible Dolores and Brian Johnson of AC/DC collaboration has gone global. The news has been relayed all the way to major news outlets such as, Undercover News, and today, Billboard. Although the major news outlets seem to have the story pretty well investigated, as with all news, some outlets choose to exaggerate it, including this ridiculously unfounded piece which claims that Dolores is to star in “Helen of Troy.”

On a side note, today’s Billboard article relays that the Nielson Soundscan ratings report “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” sales of 162,000 copies to date in the United States. That number makes up approximately one-tenth of the total worldwide sales of the album, which stands at approximately 1.5 million.

Thanks again to Jessica van Kessel for her help in this story.

Source: Hot Press

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