Official Site to Update “Once We Have Confirmed Info”

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Hoardes of anxious fans have emailed The Cranberries Official Site over the past two days regarding a press release which states that The Cranberries will be taking an extended official break, much like they did after the release of “To the Faithful Departed.” Today, all inqueries received the same response: “We will update the site once we have confirmed information, as always. Thanks for your inquiry. Webmaster.” Fans have been anxiously waiting for an Official Site statement.

It’s been nearly three days since Cranberries publicists Lindsey Holmes Publicity sent out a press release to all major Irish news outlets on Tuesday evening, according to The Irish Times, national network RTE, and others. Up until now, the Official Site has been quick to squash any false rumors, but their current delay is just another inidication that an unusual situation is taking place.

Thanks to many fans for the notice.
More news coming very soon. If you’ve heard a report that we haven’t posted

yet, please send it to us!

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