“Zombie” on MTVLA’s 10 Years: 100 Videos

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In celebration of its 10th anniversary, MTV Latin America is continuing to run more video countdowns, much like “Linger” in the Top 20.

This week, MTVLA has been running a new special entitled “MTV 10 Años: 100 Videos,” which encapsulates some of the most influencial music videos of the past decade. The series began on Monday and will conclude tomorrow, October 3rd.

The Cranberries’ “Zombie” placed at #67 on the list. During the video, a clip of Argentinian alternative rock singer Leo Garcia was shown, where he commented on the song and video. After doing his best imitiation of the chorus (“in your head, in your head”) Gracia said, “I really like the crucifix, the gold [kids], and her too. It’s a good anthem but the video is much better than the song. I like the fusion of the biblical and the mythological, not to mention a chick singing grunge — that’s great!”

Thanks to I Can’t Be With Them for the news.

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