Official Site: “Update Will Come Soon”

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Zombieguide’s own Shannon Sankar took the initiative today in contactingThe Cranberries Official Website regarding the recent lack of updates in the past month, sorely needed in the light of Irish reports that the band is taking a two year break. Shannon wrote, “And because the official web site continues to include, as its last update, a title that reads: ‘Cranberries quietly working away…’, I feel like this is starting to not only become frustrating for fans who have been left out of the loop of the truth, but is also becoming misleading, if in fact The Cranberries are NOT ‘working away’ right now. I write you because I know that you have always strived to be especially appreciative of the connection your band has with its fans. You have taken initiative in the past to communicate with your fans; and I have a great respect for that. … I am asking that you please clarify the information released on Sept. 17th from your publicists stating a vague reference to what could either be a two-year break or an indefinite break up.”

To her surprise, unlike most fans’ inqueries to the page, she received a reply! The response read, “Hi Shannon, an update will come soon!” Though no time frame was given, we should be able to hope for some kind of official announcement soon.

I know, I know. We said the same thing a month ago, but that statement from the official site had no promise of “soon.”

Zombieguide will have the absolute latest on The Cranberries’ hiatus status as we know it.

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