Cranberries Parody on French & Saunders DVD

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Before they appeared on the show “Absolutely Fabulous,” British comedy duo Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French carried their own series called “French & Saunders,” which is now getting a flurry of releases on DVD. Their newest DVD release, Living in a Material World has something to offer which will amuse — or infuriate — Cranberries fans.

“Living in a Material World” includes one skit that impersonates Dolores O’Riordan. DVD Talk laments that the parodied lyrics are tough to make out, but hilarious none the less. “Bjork and the Cranberries… also get intricate send-ups… although the musical tributes are a bit less effective as the jokey lyrics are a bit tough to make out. Still, these skits are all awesomely funny.” Björk and Dolores aren’t the only ones getting a jab; Madonna also gets the shaft.

“French and Saunders – Living in a Material World” is now available on DVD in the US for a retail price of $14.98.

Source: DVD Talk

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