to Terminate Web Hosting with Elive

November 17, 2003  |  Comments Off on to Terminate Web Hosting with Elive  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

An employee of Elive has confirmed to Zombieguide that The Cranberries will soon be ending their hosting of The Cranberries’ Official Website with their company.

“My commercial dealings with the band will be ending soon,” Seanie Ryan, Managing Director of elive Internet Business Solutions, told us on Sunday. Ryan declined to comment further.

This leaves two options for the future of the Official Site: either the band’s management is finding a new hosting company or the Official Site is shutting down. Elive has hosted the Official Site since it opened in January 1998. Given the site’s severe lack of any signs of life since September does not make for a pleasant outlook for the website’s future.

Zombieguide is also negatively effected by this revelation, since our site hosting has been provided by Elive as a side product of The Cranberries’ business with them. Because The Cranberries have ended their business with the company, Zombieguide has been asked to move servers within “a timescale of 3-4 weeks.”

Given this information, we speculate that the Official Site will either move servers or close before the end of the 2003.

Meanwhile, Zombieguide will be moving the site to our Metropoliglobal account, where we host most of our media files. This account was set up for us as a favor by Diego, webmaster of Most of the main site should move fine, since our fiasco this past March, we’ve gotten some education on site-moving. However, the Zombieguide Forums may need to restart once more; moving SQL databases is not exactly our expertise.

We are grateful to Elive for the service they have provided us with for the past several months

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