Jam El Mar Explains Jam & Spoon Album Delay

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Polydor Island Germany has confirmed that the forthcoming Jam & Spoon album “Tripomatic Fairytales 3003” has been delayed until April 5th. Dolores O’Riordan’s collaboration with the group entitiled “Mirror Lover” is the fourth track on the album.

Jam El Mar (alias Rolf Ellmer), one half of the duo Jam & Spoon, explained the delay in an interview last month with Midgeure-interviews.net. “You were mentioning January 5, 2004 as release date of the album… this will be pushed a bit further into the year. It really depends on how the single fares in the charts, whether it gets to the position we would like it to see it in, so it might well be February or March. So don’t be angry with us if the record isn’t in the shops on January 5, 2004 because that’s simply to do with marketing techniques, that we haven’t reached quite enough people in order to sell the album successfully. So then it will be moved a little further.”

In the same interview Jam revealed that he and partner Mark Spoon had to make a special trip to Toronto to record Dolores’s vocals: “That was recorded in Toronto simply because Dolores is married to a Canadian and she also has a family, I think she has three or four kids, and she didn’t really want to pop over to Germany but was interested in the project, so she said, can you come over? And that was no problem at all, I think I flew over on a Saturday, we recorded on the Sunday and that Sunday evening I was back on the plane to Frankfurt.”

Even more interesting, Jam reveals that the duo are considering a tour which would consist of all of the singers on the album. However, he admits that this might only be a pipe dream, but that they are investigating to see if it could be done. “It could be that we will do something in the summer, it’s a bit di cult logistically getting all the di erent singers together in one place,” he admits, “We would have to – if you wanted to do this properly – get all the singers together and do this in a few cities or so… of course, it isn’t that easy to put together with all these superstars. But who knows, maybe we’ll find a way. It would be an interesting thing to do having a di erent singer for each number on stage. But it could also be di cult.. so we are discussing it, and are also partly working on the idea but really do not know that exactly whether it can be put into practice or not. But if and when it happens you will most probably hear of it!”

You can read the whole interview in English here or in German here.

Zombieguide will have more on the upcoming release of “Tripomatic
Fairytales 3003″ as we know it.

Sources: Midgeure-interviews.net, Polydor Island Germany

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