New Dolores Interview in Ireland’s “Women’s Way”

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It appears that The Irish Daily Star’s recent quote from Dolores was gleaned from a new interview that appears in the Irish weekly magazine “Women’s Way.”

The January 18th issue of the News of the World newspaper has also republished several bits from the interview; The News of the World’s article can be read below.

If any of our Irish visitors can get a copy of the new “Woman’s Way,” please email us! (And if you can buy me a copy of the new interview, let me know!)


BYLINE: Nick Bramhill
LIFE on the Rock ‘n’ Roll road isn’t all its crack-ed up to be, according to former Cranberries star Dolores O’Riordan.
She believes it can lead to loneliness, heartbreak and drugs.
And now Dolores has shocked fans by ditching her rebellious rock-chick image for family life.
The Limerick-born singer told Woman’s Way magazine: “The hardest thing before I married was going home, because there was nothing to go home to.
“I realised all the money in the world wasn’t going to buy me love and I got to a point when I needed real love – and real people.”
That’s when she married Canadian Don Burton and started a family. Now she says all she wants to do is watch her two children grow up.
But the former church organist said she NEVER got into drugs in her 13-year career.
“Drugs have touched me insofar as I’ve seen how much damage they can do.
“Pressure is always there and people need an escape from it, but drugs are too dangerous.”
Dolores has temporarily split from The Cranberries to concentrate on solo projects at her second home in Toronto, Canada.
But she insists she’s just as hooked on the music business, as she was when The Cranberries first burst on to the scene in 1990.
“We were together for 13 years and we felt it was time for a much needed break,” she explained.
“But when I’m 40, I want to be up on stage just like Tina Turner – me in my stilletos.”

Source: News of the World

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