Passion of The Christ Multi-Artist Soundtrack Scrapped?

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The official site for David Hodges, Christian artist and Evanescence co- founder, reveals some disturbing news. Hodges, like Dolores O’Riordan, had written a song specifically for the upcoming film “Passion of The Christ” only to now have that soundtrack scrapped without warning.

Avril Lavinge, David Hodges and David Moody, another Evanescence co- founder, travelled to LA to meet with Mel Gibson and discuss plans to write material for the movie. Beyonce Knowles was also rumored to be contributing to the soundtrack.

Weeks ago, Billboard reported that a multi-artist soundtrack of music inspired by “The Passion of the Christ” was being finalized. However, given the lack of updates on that subject and this fresh update from David Hodges’s page makes for a gloomy outlook.

In related news, you may recall that Lisa Gerrad was originally lined up to write the score to “The Passion of the Christ.” In fact, she had completed the entire score. In a shocking revelation, Mel Gibson dumped Gerrad’s entire completed score in favor of John Debney, according to Pitchfork Media.

With the movie less than 2 weeks away for American theaters, there is still no news regarding Dolores O’Riordan’s musical contribution. Zombieguide will have more updates on this topic as they occur.

Source: David Hodges Official Website

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