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Zombieguide received an email today regarding yesterday’s news about the newly-formed company The Artist Group International. Unfortunately, the parts of the website that were online yesterday served only as an “illustration,” we were told, and that information we reported from it below is “not necessarily final or accurate.” That is, none of the people below are confirmed to be involved with the company, rather they are listed for illustrative purposes only.

We also asked if any members of The Cranberries (particuarly Noel Hogan) have any current relationship with Mr. Kovac and The Artist Group. To that question, a representative responded, “Mr. Kovac has business and personal relationships with the parties you mention and many others, however, those relationships remain private.”

Since yesterday, the TAG site was updated to remove all of the tentative information.

Former Cranberries manager Lewis Kovac has established a new artist management agency called The Artist Group International. The new agency is running out of the same building as The Cranberries’ self-owned management company, Curtain Call, Ltd.

When The Cranberries announced their haitus last September, their press release mentioned that Lewis Kovac was preparing to establish a new company, although no details were available at the time.

The website domain was registered last September but didn’t go online until sometime within the past few weeks.

The Artist Group’s physical address is on O’Connell Street in Limerick, the same office space used by The Cranberries’ self-owned business ventures Curtain Call Limited and Timeless Music Limited.

While The Cranberries as a unit no longer have a professional relationship with Kovac, recent Irish press reports indicate that the lads continue to work with him. Noel was photographed together with Kovac in Limerick’s Trinity Rooms in November. One Hot Press article claims that Noel, Mike, and Fergal may be working together with Kovac on material without Dolores.

The Artist Group already has a few clients lined up, French-grown bandM├ętisse being one of them.

Source: The Artist Group International

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