Two Cranberries Articles in Italy’s “Tutto”

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The March issue of the Italian magazine “Tutto Musica” carries two articles about The Cranberries, though neither carry any new information.

The first article is one called called: “Dossier: Music and Drugs Special: But What Do the Songs Say?” According to Tutto, there is a kind of “drug discrimination” going on in music with one type pitted against another: “The topic of drugs has been drawn in music in multiple ways; hardly ever are there exaltations of their use, but rather descriptions of the effects. Of course, heroin is nearly always associated with death, but not marijuana. You read and judge.”

The article then examines the lyrics of “Salvation” in English and Italian. Under a circa 1996 photo of Dolores, the magazine states, “Dolores had written it after a long phase of depression. In the photo, she provacatively extends her untouched arms.”

In another section of the magazine, one rather confused fan wants to knonw the same thing that everyone else does: What’s going on with The Cranberries? Unfortunately, Tutto can’t say much more than we can, but nevertheless, here it is:

QUESTION: I’m a big Cranberries fan and I’m looking forward to hearing their next album. Do you know anything about?

ANSWER: From what we can see on the official website of Dolores O’Riordan’s band, the band is working on several projects, but no mention of a new recording. Most likely Dolores will release a solo work (perhaps a soundtrack, expected for this spring [Songs Inspired By The Passion of the Christ]) and so will Noel Hogan. The Cranberries have anyway denied about their breaking-up.

To check out scans of the new issue of Tutto, head over to the Magazines Gallery.

Thanks to Eva and Lorenzo for the scans and info.

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