More Photos from Sanremo

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More media is coming in from Dolores O’Riordan’s first solo performance yesterday at the Sanremo Festival 2004.

The first three photos below are from Reuters. The first is taken from Friday’s press conference, while the next two were taken during her performance on stage late last night (1:00 local time).

Photo 4 is from Corriere della Sera (thanks Little_Dolores).

The next four photos are from Cranberries fan Mara (Irishsoul), who had the supreme good fortune of meeting Dolores at the hotel where she was staying. Check out her post in the forums to read Irishsoul’s interesting storywhich includes a cryptic encounter with Cranberries backup singer and guitarist Steve DiMarchi. Is Steve working with Dolores on her solo material? Makes you wonder…

The last photo is from Virgilio Musica, and appears to be taken at the same time as the photo from Corriere della Sera but at a different angle. If you have found more news or photos from the Sanremo festival, please send them to us!

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