Cranberries Members May Speak at Limerick Music Seminar

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According to the latest print issue of the Irish music mag Hot Press, members of the Cranberries are “to be confirmed” to speak at a music seminar in Limerick on April 10th targeted at small independent bands.

Hot Press says: “In other live news, Upstairs In Dolan’s — the imaginatively titled new venue in Dolan’s — will be hosting the forthcoming AMC weekender which will bring lots of great acts to the venue, the highlight of which will be a music seminar on the 10th [of April] which will include speakers from Woodstar, The Cranberries (tbc) and Mike Sound from Dolan’s. All info is avaliable on”

The seminar will cover basic “do it yourself” topics for indie bands like recording, promoting, and touring. Doors open at 12 noon for the seminar and tickets are only €5.

Also of interest to Cranberries fans, former Cranberry Saw Us singer Niall Quinn will be performing with his band The Pennywhores at Dolan’s on the same day. The Pennywhores are part of a “Vibe for Kurt” Nirvana tribute concert to take place at 8 o’clock that night. Ticket prices are still undetermined. Update 04.01: The Pennywhores will no longer be playing at Dolan’s on April 10th. However, Niall Quinn tells us that he will still be attending the seminar.

Thanks to Des for the info!

Source: Hot Press, Upstairs In Dolan’s

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