Dolores O’Riordan to Release on Helter Records?

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The website for Toronto’s Metalworks Studios has updated with a small bit of information regarding Dolores O’Riordan’s recent lengthy recording sessions there. The website lists a “To Be Announced” project from Dolores to be released on a label called Helter. We at ZG couldn’t find any current label simply by the name of “Helter,” though there are several by the name “Helter Skelter,” the largest of which produces Oasis singles in Europe. It is possible that the label is new or else a name-only label, just as “Black Widow” is listed under the “Timeless Music” label. The website also mentions that engineer Chris Crerar acted as 2nd engineer on the recording. (We guess that Matt Vaughan was the head engineer.)

Dolores spent most of the second half of 2003 in Toronto working at Metalworks on soundtrack projects and also on starting her solo album.

Source: Metalworks Studios

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