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As one might expect, lots of Cranberries news unfolded this month that we were unfortunately unable to update with (Japan was fantastic, thanks to everyone who’s been asking!). Here are brief highlights from Cranberries news over the past month:

  • is now open with a contest to let fans choose the name of Noel’s upcoming solo album. The winner will receive one of Noel’s guitars and a copy of the new album, due out before the end of the year. According to 365 Artists, the likely candidate for the first single is to be a song called “Brighter Sky”. It appears that the album has been mixed by Marius De Vries (who remixed “Analyse” and “Time is Ticking Out”). Noel has also worked with Alexis Smith (“Analyse” and “TITO” remixes) and James Loughrey (Hope of the States, Razorlight). (Source: CranPortal)
  • Dolores’s court case against former nanny Joy Fahy ended with a decisive victory for Dolores. The judge ruled in all counts for the Burtons except on the issue of Joy Fahy’s lost clothing, for which the Burtons must pay approximately $1,500. Fahy, on the other hand, must pay a daunting $300,000 (approx.) in legal fees for the Burtons, far more than what she would have gained had she won the case. Fahy plans to appeal the case.
  • Dolores performed “Pure Love” with Zucchero on May 6. If you haven’t seen it already, you can download a video of the Dolores & Zucchero performance here. The album “Zucchero & Co.” was released this month in Europe and went straight to No. 1 in Italy and Switzerland. Check out Un Po Di Zucchero and the ZG Forums for photos.
  • Dolores is performing again tonight (May 29th) with Zucchero at the Festivalbar concert in Milan, Italy. Once again, the song will be “Pure Love.” More news on this event as it happens.
  • Dolores has put her home, Riversfield Stud, in Co Limerick up for sale. As ZG reported months ago, Dolores and Don are house-shopping in Dublin. Dolores has lived at Riversfield Stud since 1997, and, if sold, this will be the first time in her life that she has not had a home in Limerick. Click here to read an article from the Irish Independent about the features of Dolores’s former home, now on the market with bids in excess of $3 million.
  • According to the Malcom McDowell Tribute Site, Brian Johnson’s Helen of Troy play has not been scrapped and could premiere late 2004. (Thanks cranberry_india.)
  • According to Dance Artist Info, Jam & Spoon’s “Tripomatic Fairytales 3003” featuring Dolores O’Riordan’s “Mirror Lover” is now set to go on sale June 14th. (Thanks cranberry_india.)
  • The CD soundtrack for “EvilEnko” featuring Dolores O’Riordan’s “Angels Go to Heaven” was supposed to go on sale in early May, but no one (even in Italy) has yet to find the soundtrack on sale. The soundtrack is scheduled to include both the original film version and a “full band version” of “Angels Go to Heaven.”
  • According to the World’s End website, Dolores has recorded a new song called “Apple of My Eye” with producer Tim Palmer. No word yet on what the song might be used for. (Thanks forevercran.)

Thanks to everyone at the Zombieguide Forums for keeping up on the news. Zombieguide will now resume regular updates. As always, if you have Cranberries-related news that we don’t have here, email it in to us!

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