Sony to Release 11 Different Versions of “Music From and Inspired by Spider-Man 2” Worldwide

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Zombieguide exclusively reported last October in our interview with Cranberries sound engineer Mike Plotniko that Dolores O’Riordan recorded a song entitled “Black Widow” which was to be included in the “Music From and Inspired by Spider-Man 2” soundtrack this month. Unfortunately, the song didn’t make the final tracklisting for the American version of the soundtrack.

However, today relayed the news from Variety magazine that Sony plans to make the unprecedented move of releasing 11 different versions of the soundtrack throughout the world, each with a di erent tracklisting. Each tracklisting will be tailored to appeal to each region’s audience; which is good news, considering that Dolores O’Riordan’s o ering would be much more appealing to a, say, mainland European audience, than an American one.

So far, the tracklistings for the international versions of “Music From and Inspired by Spider-Man 2” have not been announced. As of yet, there is no o cial confirmation that “Black Widow” will appear for sure, but Zombieguide will of course keep you informed with the latest.

Update 12:22 AM: We just got a chance to read the full article from Daily Variety and it appears that Dolores O’Riordan will not appear on any versions of the soundtrack. The article lists most of the international “bonus tracks,” all of which are by Sony artists. I suppose we’ll have to wait until a future release to hear “Black Widow.”

Thanks to Icicle Melts for the news tip.

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