Dolores Raises Price of Riversfield Stud

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Anyone who was hoping to grab Dolores O’Riordan’s Kilmallock home, Riversfeild Stud, at the bargain price of €3 million has now lost their chance; according to the August 1st issue of London’s The Sunday Times, Dolores and Don have raised the price of their Kilmallock home and stable to €4.5 million.

Several newspapers and tabloids have taken a gander at the home, which includes everything from tennis courts to a stained glass window displaying the lyrics of “Zombie,” since it went up for sale in April. According to the latest Sunday Times article, the new price is a “correction,” and more accurately reflects the true value of the estate. The article states that the home has generated lots of interested parties, but has yet to find a committed buyer. The Burtons are looking to settle into a home closer to Dublin in order to make it easier to travel to Canada.

If you’d like to see more of the former O’Riordan home, there is an “online brochure” available over at

Source: The Sunday Times

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