Q&A with Kevin Fox, String Arrangement for Dolores Solo

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Not too long ago, Zombieguide reported that Canadian singer-songwriter Kevin Fox has been working with Dolores O’Riordan on string arrangements for yet unspecified solo material.

This week, Zombieguide caught up with Kevin to ask him about his current projects with Dolores in Toronto and here’s what he had to say…

ZG: What was your involvement with the new songs?

KF: I composed string arrangements for 4 songs she was in the process of recording.

ZG: How did you get approached to do these songs?

KF: The studio in which she was working was familiar with my work and got us in touch.

ZG: How long ago did you work on these songs?

KF: In the last 13 to 14 months I was approached twice, each time to arrange for two songs.

ZG: How did you go about doing the string
arrangements? Did you have alot of interaction with
Dolores? Did you have alot of freedom or did Dolores have a set plan for what she wanted?

KF: Freedom was definitely offered in the process of writing the arrangements. It was just me working with what conceptual ideas she had expressed on the phone. In the studio we collaborated to exercise what specific or responsive ideas she had. She has a wonderful sense of melody.

ZG: Can you maybe give us any song titles?

KF: I’d prefer not to reveal anything too specific that she may want to remain private.

ZG: Any idea what the songs will be used for? Her solo album or maybe soundtrack contributions?

KF: She simply expressed to me a desire to explore new musical paths. No specific plans.

Zombieguide would like to thank Kevin Fox for his time in answering these questions.

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