Rumor: Cranberries Could Play Tsunami Relief Irish Mega Gig

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Today’s Sunday Mirror published an exclusive scoop that organizers in Ireland are putting together two massive concerts to benefit Asian tsunami victims, and that members of The Cranberries may be asked to perform.

While most of the details are still not finalized, the massive benefit concert will be split between a Republic-sponsored Dublin concert and a UK- sponsored Belfast concert. Organizers would ideally like to see U2 headline the benefit concert. A host of other A-list artists to be invited to perform include Westlife, Brian Kennedy, Girls Aloud, The Corrs, Enya, Van Morrison, Daniel O’Donnell, The Undertones, Ash, Samantha Mumba, The Thrills, Christie Moore, Ronan Keating, and The Cranberries. Also invited are Irish- rooted acts Lisa Stansfield, Joe Elliott and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones.

The article states that only a few artists have been contacted thus far, but that the interest has been “very, very positive.” If the Cranberries accept, they will play in Dublin. No date has been announced, but this would be pivitol, as Dolores is due to give birth in March.

The Irish government has already pledged 10 million Euro while the UK has pledged £50 million to sponsor such a gig, though the proceeds raised are expected to be much greater.

The concert will also be simultaneously broadcasted by the BBC and RTE. Pop star Dana, who came up the idea for the concerts, tells the Sunday Mirror: “I spoke on the phone to RTE Director General Cathal Goan and Mike Edgar at the BBC in Belfast last Friday and they were both very receptive to the idea. What we have in mind here is staging two concerts, one in Dublin, the other in Belfast in a hands-across-the-border co-operation style with both shows being broadcast on BBC and RTE simultaneously.”

Further details on concert venues are expected to be decided by next week.

Source: Sunday Mirror (Ireland)

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