The Cranberries “Live” DVD Released Today in Mexico

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Universal released The Cranberries’ “Live” on DVD today in Mexico. Mexico is the first region in the world to get the DVD.

Online Mexico-based retailer Mixup has the DVD available to purchase on their website for $189.00 pesos MX (~$16.85 US).

Sigma of the This Is the Day Cran Fan Club tells us that he preordered his DVD from Mixup and that they shipped his order today: “My online order is already done and accepted! I also asked about how long it will take to arrive at my home and they told me around 2 or 3 days, so… I’ll have it before Friday. Also, the pre-sale was until today so no more orders will be taken [for the pre-sale price].”

Update: A Universal representative told Sigma from the Zombieguide Forums that the DVD has experienced a delay and that it should be distributed within the next few days. Addiitonally, an email sent from MixUp to customers states:

Unfortunately UNIVERSAL MUSIC MEXICO had an important delay in the distribution of this edition. With all and the compromise that they had with is for this DVD’s delivery, this one will be after the date told, by the moment we still don’t have the new distribution date but in the moment we have more news we will tell you. That’s why we apoligize with you, because the delay in distribution is out of MixUp’s control.

Zombieguide will have a full report on the contents of the final DVD once some fans get their hands on it! “Live” will release on January 24 in Europe, February 2 in Japan, February 8 in the US, and February 9 in Canada.

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