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French music site MusicActu has put up a review of The Cranberries’ newly released “Live” on DVD. “Live” will release on DVD in the United States on February 8. Here’s a translation of the review:

The Cranberries ยท Live (27/01/2005)

While waiting for a possible and much-hoped for new album, The Cranberries offer “Live” for us to spend the winter. Not completely new, this DVD plunges us back into the environment of the mid-Nineties. It is true that the rock’n’roll so characteristic of the Cranberries evokes a crowd of unforgettable memories in us, particularly with the listening of the traditional track “Zombie”, which was incontestably the most significant hit of the group in the middle of the 90s. Ten years later, Dolores and her comrades returns to the DVD shelves this winter with a disc simply entitled “Live”, composed of a series of titles recorded during a concert given at the London Astoria II, a famous room belonging to the same house which in particular saw ravelling on its scene U2, David Bowie and Oasis.

“Live” is quite simply a beautiful scenic experiment undertaken by the Irish group, certainly one of best given during their career. The quartet is shown there in form, in sometimes powerful environments, sometimes calmer, in airy rock’n’roll roles. It is a true happiness to view the performances of “Linger”, “Zombie” and the poignant piece “So Cold In Ireland”. We regret simply the absence of some interesting bonus extras, which would have been welcome, but the live performance of the Cranberries largely makes up for it. Undoubtedly, this DVD is to be added to the beautiful collection of the group, which already counts, among others, the superb Live in Bercy [Beneath the Skin].

by Emily Warner

Source: MusicActu

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