Statue of Hogans’ Ancestor to be Erected in Downtown Limerick

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A statue commemorating Michael Hogan, a noted Limerick poet and ancestor of brothers Noel and Mike Hogan, is set to be built in the middle of the city, today’s Limerick Post reports.

An American decendent, Peter Hogan of Savannah, Georgia, donated over 10,000 Euro for a statue of Hogan, popularly known as the Bard of Thomond, to be erected in the city’s Castle Plaza, outside of King John’s Castle.

Hogan, who died in 1899, did not get much recognition — or wealth — for his work during his lifetime. It was not until 1924, 25 years after his death, that his Lays and Legends of Thomond was put into hardback edition.

In 1999, Noel and Mike Hogan funded a reprint of Lays and Legends of Thomond almost entirely out of their own pockets. Though Michael Hogan had no children of his own, the Hogan brothers are indirect decendents of the poet.

You can read the full article over at the Limerick Post. Thanks to an Irish fan for the tip.

Source: Limerick Post

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