Listen to Noel’s Interview on Untitled with David O’Doherty

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There’s another interview with Noel on Untitled with David O’Doherty. The interview is available as MP3s, so download them and keep ’em forever.

In the interview, Noel describes why The Cranberries’ effort to record their sixth album didn’t come together:

“Just before I started this, we were getting ready to go in and do the fourth or fifth album [sic]… or one of those. Nobody was really in the mood to do it. We did some demos.”

David O’Doherty buts in, “You can do that when you’ve sold 36 million albums. Let’s just leave it for a few years…”

Noel agrees, “Yeah, it got a bit like that. Everbody kinda wanted to do other things, away from The Cranberries for awhile. So we just decided, hey, lets do that. Let’s go off and spend whatever amount of time you need and see where it’s at then in a few years. We didn’t give ourselves a year, or five years, or ten. We just said, when we feel like it again. So that’s where it is, it’s just kinda left hanging there.”

Later, O’Doherty asks, “Did you ever sing?”

Noel’s response? “Oh God no! In the bathroom, and that’s just about it. It’s bad.”

Zombieguide will have a full lineup of all of Mono Band’s promo work, which we will post tomorrow.

Source: Untitled with David O’Doherty

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