Fergal Lawler Recording with Ex-Woodstar Members

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Zombieguide has learned that Fergal Lawler has begun recording and writing sessions with at least one former member of fellow Limerick band Woodstar.

Fergal has started recording with Kieran Calvert, guitarist for Woodstar, and the project could possibly also rope in Al Sheahan, Woodstar’s keyboardist.

A source close to Mono Band tells Zombieguide, “Fergal remains a very close friend of the Hogan brothers and is constantly seen out socialising with them around Limerick City. Fergal is busy doing his own thing now, writing and recording in his studio at home.”

“As for Fergal, I spoke recently to him, not about anything in particular, but I know he has been writing with Keiran Calvert from Woodstar, Im not sure if Alan (his Sir name escapes me) but any time I meet them out, they are always together, I would only be speculating if I said he was involved. Its not that Fergal is secretive about what he is doing, I don’t think there is much to tell.”

The project is said to be “in its infancy” and still very tentative as of the time of writing. As such, any announcements of a solid project are still down the road.

Attentive fans know that this is not the first collaboration between members of The Cranberries and Woodstar. The professional relationship begain in 2002 when Woodstar opened for The Cranberries’ tour dates in Ireland and continued with vocalist Fin Chambers’s contribution to the Mono Band album this year.

Thanks to monoman for the news.

Source: Exclusive

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