Dolores to build new recording studio in Howth home

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Dolores O’Riordan has added plans to build a home recording studio to a list of amenities for a new home in Howth, Dublin.

In addition, she and her husband reached an amicable agreement with neighbors to go ahead with plans, according to the September 10th Irish edition of the Sunday Times.

Dolores’s original plans to build a new oceanfront home there met with privacy concerns from neighbors. Grocery chain owner Feargal Quinn in particular expressed concern that the views from the house’s third floor balcony would give a too-close-for-comfort view into his home.

O’Riordan’s architect met with Quinn to resolve this, and now Quinn fully supports the plans. In addition, Dolores plans to double the size of the house, and move it three meters north, towards nearby Ceanchor Road. Dolores now plans to add an extra 4,000 square feet to the existing 5,500- foot plans. The new features will include the home studio, guest rooms, swimming pool, gym, and sauna.

If there are any Irish visitors reading this who can get ahold of the Sept. 10th issue, it includes a picture of Dolores on the inside page of the Homes section, and we would love to have scans.

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