“The Butterfly” on Angelo Badalamenti’s MySpace

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The first new Dolores O’Riordan song in nearly a year has surfaced on Angelo Badalamenti’s MySpace page.

The collaboration with Dolores and Angelo Badalamenti, who is best known for his soundtracks for David Lynch films “Mulholland Drive” and “Blue Velvet,” is called “The Butterfly.” You can get an MP3 of the song in the previous post on this page.

This is the first new Dolores O’Riordan solo material to surface since last year’s leak of the demos “In the Garden” and “Letting Go.”

Badalamenti first discussed the song in an unpublished outtake from a Mix magazine interview earlier this year. He said,

I just finished a new song with her called “The Butterfly,” which is wonderful, that I’d like to get into a film. I’ll start showing that to some directors now. She’s a terrific talent, and she keeps sending me lyrics. We’ve never met. I work on music and send it back to her, and then once I get her key on the phone – she’ll sing to me – then I’ll do a track her, send it to her and then she’ll do the vocal. Then she sends back to me, and I do the mix here, and that’s that. That’s how we work.

You’ll recall Dolores and Badalamenti last collaborated on the haunting theme song “Angels Go to Heaven” for David Grieco’s 2004 independent film Evilenko, which is now available in the US on DVD (Zombieguide review).

No word yet on exact plans for what “The Butterfly” will be used for. Dolores told Hot Press magazine last year that she and Badalamenti are collaborating on the music for David Grieco’s next film, Secrets of Love. Whether this song will be a part of that soundtrack is unknown.
According to Grieco, the film’s plot revolves around a singer who mysteriously disappears for years and is presumed dead. Badalamenti’s MySpace page gives no further details about the song.

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