Mike opens café in Limerick

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Some short biographies released in conjunction with the proposal of a new radio station for Limerick, Heart FM (read more), include some tidbits about what Mike Hogan and Fergal Lawler have been up to lately.

If the radio station is approved, Mike Hogan will become a director for Heart FM. Also, Noel, Mike, and Fergal will give some hands-on input for a show called “Green Heart,” which will showcase demos and upcoming local bands.

The bio also reveals that Mike opened a café on Catherine Street in Limerick called The Sage Café earlier this year. The café opened in mid- April and seats 45-50 people. Mike has become the director of a company called TM Coffee, Ltd. (which runs the cafe), and he continues to to live and work in Limerick.

As for Fergal, his bio reveals that he “has been collaborating with other local musicians and recording at his studio in Ballymorris.”

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