ANNOUNCED: Dolores’s solo title, release date

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Dolores O’Riordan’s long-awaited solo album finally has a title and concrete release date, Billboard reports this evening.

Dolores’s debut solo album will be called Are You Listening? and will release on May 8, 2007 in the United States on Sanctuary Records. In Europe, the album will release on Sanctuary’s newly restarted sub-label, Sequel.

A yet-to-be-announced single will release in late April.

Dolores will tour in support of her debut solo album in spring and summer
of next year.

Sanctuary’s CEO Joe Cokell said in a statement last week, “We also expect to announce another very significant addition to [Sequel]’s roster as early as next week, and we look forward to having major success with these albums through 2007.”

Dolores is only the third act signed to the relaunched Sequel label, after The Cooper Temple Clause & Idlewild. According to the same statement, the Sequel label specializes “as a home for contemporary artists, particularly those who have already established a fan base and who are looking for an alternative to the major labels.”

We will have more details as they break!

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