Philly Intelligencer: Cranberries among best of 90s

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Philadelphia’s The Intelligencer newspaper mentioned The Cranberries in a January 17 article called “Resurrecting the hits of the â€TM90s,” saying that the band — along with Counting Crows, Savage Garden, Semisonic, and R.E.M. — are among the most prolific hit-makers of the last decade. Here’s what they had to say:

Along similar lines, still haunting the airwaves, with Dolores O’Riordan’s unique smooth vocals, is The Cranberries.

The Britain based group [sic] is most often represented with its platinum hit “Linger” (Do you have to let it linger?), “Zombie” (Another heads hangs lowly, child is slowly taken/ and the violence caused such silence/ who are we mistaken?) and “Ode to My Family” (Understand the things I say/ dont turn away from me/ cause I spent half my life out there/ you wouldnt disagree).

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