“Are You Listening?” tracklisting revealed

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Sequel has just sent out the first full-album promos for Dolores O’Riordan’s new album Are You Listening? The album has 12 tracks, which are…

1. Ordinary Days (4.04)
2. When We Were Young (3.23)
3. In the Garden (4.27)

4. Human Spirit (4.00)
5. Loser (2.56)
6. Stay with Me (4.01)
7. Apple of My Eye (4.42)
8. Black Widow (4.56)
9. October (4.38)
10. Accept Things (4.11)
11. Angel Fire (5.02)
12. Ectasy (5.13)

Notably absent are a number of song titles that Dolores has recorded over the past several years: “Letting Go,” “Without You,” “Forever,” “Playground,” and “Croatia.”

In related news, a full version of “Ordinary Day” has hit the internet. Maybe visiting the ZG Forums will help you find it.

Seems like tons of news is now breaking about Dolores’s album, so we’ll have the latest ASAP.

Source: Zegut

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