Marco Mendoza played uncredited on “Wake Up”

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In an interview with bassist Marco Menodza in the El Universal (Mexico) newspaper, the Whitesnake bassist reveals that he played on parts of The Cranberries’ last album Wake Up and Smell The Coffee without being credited for it.

Mendoza filled in on an unspecified number of tracks for Mike Hogan, who was attending to a “severe crisis” during the recording sessions.

While Mendoza did not become the “5th” member of The Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan told him clearly at the time: “I want you with me in the future,” and thus recruited him as bassist for her solo album. According to the article, Mendoza recorded 22 songs with Dolores.

“Dolores has matured, now she is mother of three children, and that new stage is reflected in the compositions, much more critical, but still with that political line of The Cranberries,” he said.

He affirmed that Dolores has a strong affinity for Latin America, especially Mexico, and that she will try to include Mexico on her upcoming North American tour.

Mendoza was an old friend of Dolores O’Riordan’s husband, Don Burton.

Thanks to Juanberries for the news.

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