Real New Yorkers Know: 5 Questions for Dolores

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The Real New Yorkers Know blog has posted a “short and sweet” (in her own words) e-mail interview with Dolores O’Riordan. Here’s what she had to say… or rather, type:

Five Questions for Dolores O’Riordan

We got to ask Dolores O’Riordan five questions about her first solo album. Her voice shocked us with its beauty and power in The Cranberries and it’s still as moving on Are You Listening?. Her singing complements an album of great songs with a strong mix of rock and Irish folk influences. The first single, “Ordinary Day,” is already getting hype without an o cial release (it’s out in April). No New York tour dates have been announced, but in the meantime she let us e-mail her some questions. In Dolores’ words, she kept it “short and sweet. Just like a real New Yorker!”

RNYK: How would you describe Are You Listening for fans?
DO: I would love to say “like nothing I have ever done before as a whole”. Very experimental and verging into the darkness on on little bit. So far I have done around 90-100 interviews and it’s the first time everyone likes it. (The cd)

RNYK: How has the reaction to the single, “Ordinary Day,” been so far?
DO: People like the positive vibe in “Ordinary Day,” but it’s also on on little melancholic.

RNYK: What post-Cranberries performance has been your favorite so far?
DO: I’ve not performed a show as of yet.

RNYK: What’s your best memory of performing in New York?
DO: Woodstock 94

RNYK: What show would you kill to put on? By that we mean: Where are you singing, who will you sing with, who’s the backing band, what do you perform…
DO: This one, These people, These songs. Very exciting way to go, musically.

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