Daily Star reviews private gig at The Hospital

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The UK’s Daily Star tabloid yesterday (March 24) published a surprisingly positive review of the press-only private gig that Dolores O’Riordan gave at London’s The Hospital on Thursday (March 22).

Here’s the transcript

Caught Live
Dolores O’Riordan
The Hospital, London

REMEMBER The Cranberries? They sold 40 million albums in the ’90s and even threatened to fill the void left by The Smiths until their songs turned predictable.

Well, after a seven year break, elfin singer Dolores is back. Flanked by two craggy-faced guitarists who both resembled David Carradine in Kill Bill, much of her beefy new material recaptures the Celtic warmth which made The Cranberries so good.

Particularly e ective was the lumbering Loser, a hard rocking song about bullying, and new single Ordinary Day.

A cover of Elvis’s In The Ghetto was performed with a bewitching intensity, but it was renditions of old hits Linger and Dreams that hadthe hairs on my arms standing to attention.


Thanks to robertjames for the news and to dominestar for the invitation image.

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