Dolores’s promo tour schedule posted

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The itinerary for Dolores O’Riordan’s current globe-trotting promotional tour has been posted on her official website. Dolores will be in New York and Los Angeles for a week in mid-May.


21st March : Paris, France
23rd March: London, England
2nd and 3rd April: Warsaw, Poland
4th April: Athens, Greece
23rd April: Taiwan
24th April: Taiwan
25th April: Hong Kong
26th April: Bangkok, Thailand
3rd May: Seville, Spain (FNAC Store Opening)
4th May: Dublin, Ireland (Late Late Show TV Performance)
14th – 16th: New York, USA
17th – 18th: Los Angeles, USA
21st – 22nd: Tokyo, Japan
23rd – 24th: Melbourne, Australia
25th: Sydney, Australia

22nd March: Showcase performance in London, England, venue to be confirmed.
Band Rehearsals in Dublin, Ireland 9th thru 20th April.
24th April: Showcase performance in Taiwan
25th April: Showcase performance in Hong Kong
27th April: Showcase performance in Bangkok, Thailand
Band rehearsals in Dublin, Ireland 30th April.

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